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a disciple of satguru Dr. A. Nithiyanandam was initiated by our master into the system of Vasi Yoga in the year 1993. He is closely associated with our Guru and the institution Anand Jothi. The wealth of experience he received by the grace of our master in the years of his association is more than information and he is sharing them all with us in the form of articles. The articles are listed below with short intorduction and a link to navigate to the full articles.

Without you I exist not

Here I would like to share with you my association with my Master, ( we address Him’ Doctor’), my experiences, observations,( also co-related, parallel experiences/observation of some others) and so on and so forth-a small contribution in token of my deep love and gratitude for my Master. In fact, I am only the instrument (Pen), he being the writer! The fact is, even if all his disciples and loved -ones write or speak about his different dimensions as they have observed and experienced , picture will still only be incomplete and partial. If I say that he is an embodiment/personification of love, compassion and the like, it would not suffice. Tip of the ice berg! When asked to describe himself,” I can’t say everything about myself to everybody.” replied Doctor sounding very official and keeping with my mood.” That is impossible. I can reveal myself little by little and even that, I can do only to some people-only to those who are ready for it”, he added.—‘His secrets will be disclosed only to the discerning, but the faithful eye’(The Catalyst).

Glimpses Of The Catalyst

While reading the above work on Doctor, as I passed through the pages I had undergone varying moods, feelings, emotion and sensation. Those disciples that have read the book couldn’t have but to encounter such mental reactions as they are all ever drenched in the thought of Doctor .Such is his impact! I refer to this book time and again as I get some kind of satisfaction of being with my beloved! Besides, this kindles melancholy and nostalgia in me that I wish to cherish. As such, I would like to highlight some passages from the book and corresponding reactions in me so as to take you to those areas and I hope you will enjoy /pass through similar feelings.

Total Surrender - The Surest Way to Realize the Divine

Many of us may know the meaning of Surrender (Saranaghathi) in abstract terms, but very few surrender themselves absolutely at the holy feet of God, their Master.

True surrender is total. One unconditionally and unhesitatingly gives up to God, his Master, everything that he has - his mind, body, soul, family ties and all his worldly possessions. This is done with the realization that whatever he has originally comes from the Divine source and hence he is only ‘renouncing’ what was not his to begin with.  Once this realization arrives out of love for the divine, he cannot look back at whatever he has given unto God as his. Having left everything to divine dispensation one does not worry about anything nor entertain doubts about whether God, the Master of the universe, would really take care of his needs. “To surrender does not mean abandonment of action” says the Gita. Lord Krishna advocates action and admonishes inaction - effort performed without craving for results. This attitude of performing ones action and leaving the results to Him is known as AAHUTHI.  The great paradox is that one is truly free to create only after one has surrendered with love to the creator. Thus true surrender is active and not passive.

Koodumalai - The Holy Place

Then And Now!

The place, a hamlet, known as Koodumala (colloquially called’koradumala), situated in Kolar district of Karnataka state, in Southern part of India is considered to be a holy and historical place in that, the place is associated with the great epic, ‘The Ramayana’/ the great sage, Agastya / the vijayanagara dynasty and the like! (In fact, the kolar district itself is associated with some or other episodes of the epic, ‘The Ramayana’).It is here a temple for the God Ganesha, with a huge size of the idol., said to have been installed several thousands years ago, by the Lords, Brhma, Vishnu and Shiva...........

Miracles of Doctor

First Experience of Subramaniam

Mr.Subramaniam, lives in Ghana, Africa. The experience, he narrates happened very recently. As the experience was unique and can be mentioned as miracle, hence he wished to reveal and share it
with his fellow deciples. Originally, the article was written in Tamil language. The original article can be viewed in our web site In order to fecilitate visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. If you prefer Tamil version of the article go to . –Kesavan

Geethas Unique Experience

Doctor Answers her Prayer

This lady Smt.Geetha, lives with her family in US. The experience, she narrates happened long back but something prompted her to reveal and share it with her fellow deciples now.
Pats, my friend and relative of her, handed this article and asked me to publish her experiences in our web sites. Pats left us before it went online. I am happy that it is now online and his wish is fulfilled. Originally, the article was written in Tamil language. In order to fecilitate visitors of this site from all over the world, Mr. Janakiraman has translated it into English. Now, you can go ahead and read the article in English or go to if you prefer the Tamil version. -Kesavan

Mahesh's Poem on Doctor's Birth Day

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago but may not have shared it. I found it again at a good time ...
A birthday poem for the one and only
Mahesh Matt Krishnan
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