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About Anand Jothi

Anand Jothi is a collection of disciples of Sathguru Dr. Nithyanandam. It is a spiritual organization whose values underlie the experience and messages of all the prophets down the ages across all religions and times in history.

We pay tribute to the Divine Cosmic Mother, who sustains the world and the Rishis and saints who uphold her principles for this world and beyond.

We believe:

There is a supreme, all encompassing force, divine and benevolent, called by different names by different religions.

All religions lead to the same goal and everyone of them deserves equal respect.

Every soul is originally and ultimately divine in nature, whatever attire it may wear in between.

There are methods by which every human being is capable of speeding up the process of realising the universal Truth and every soul making a sincere attempt in this direction will recieve Divine protection and help.

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